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Moving Up

As published in the Witness, 2017


Lee Davidson (33) started selling tractor parts from a business he started three years ago with little more than a few years experience in the job.


His business in Winston Road, Pietermaritzburg, now supplies tractor parts all over the country, and in some neighbouring countries too.

He began his career in tractor part sales at a well-known company in the tractor industry in Pietermaritzburg, in 2006 – he had left university after three years, and needed a job urgently to begin repaying his student loan.


“Over the next few years, I learned more about the tractor spares industry. It was a touch road, a lot of the time I didn’t think I could cope with the pressure of angry customers, not having the knowledge of what I was really doing. It was crazy, but I was paying back my student loan, so I stuck it out.” Said Davidson.


The company he worked for started having financial difficulties, so he began looking for another job. He was afforded a job in Johannesburg but decided he couldn’t just leave his family, so he decided to stick it out. The same company made him a second, more lucrative offer, which he turned down again.


It was then that Davidson decided he wanted his own business.

“It was a huge decision, but I made a decision to go to my bank, ask them for the biggest loan they could offer me, and after all my sums and calculations, it seemed that it would be enough to start my business and pay myself enough of a salary to live, and that it would last six months.


I had to make it work within six months or else I would literally be on the street, or on a plane to Johannesburg.


Things were very hard, but I felt like I had been training my whole life for this moment. I was incredibly driven and motivated, that deadline of six months was all I needed.”

At the time he was driver, salesman, buyer, admin clerk and accountant of his own business.


“We have slowly become one of the biggest multi-tractor spares companies in Pietermaritzburg, the former company I worked for has since closed down, and we are selling all over the county.


We also have return customers in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

“Our success comes from incredible service, small things like phoning a customer back goes a long way. We never try and cover up a mistake we may have made… the customer is never left guessing.”

Davidson  said that while they don’t carry every single part for every tractor ever made, whatever they don’t have in stock they can order as quickly as having it the same day.


Looking to the future, Davidson said that in five years he hopes to have been able to expand the building on their existing premises, their stock holdings, and perhaps even be able to establish a branch in another city.